MaTan Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program

Fall 2010 session which was held at the Young Israel of Staten Island

Comedy Cafe Night

Comedy Cafe' Night - January 9, 2010

Family Chanukah Chagiga

Our annual Family Chanukah Chagiga - December 19, 2009

Chaim Dovid Concert

Chaim Dovid concert at the Young Israel of Staten Island - December 5, 2009

JM in the AM

JM in the AM broadcasting live from Young Israel of Staten Island, on Wednesday morning December 2nd 2009.

YISI Annual Dinner

43rd Anniversary Dinner - 11-15-2009.

Yom HaAtzmaut

Yom Ha'Atzmaut celebration - April 29, 2009

Birchas Hachama

Birchas Hachama at the Park at Young Israel of Staten Island - April 8, 2009

Purim Carnival

Our annual Purim Carnival - March 8, 2009

Family Purim Chagiga

Our annual Family Purim Chagiga - March 7, 2009

HaRav Yona Metzger

HaRav Yona Metzger, chief Rabbi of Israel visited the Young Israel of Staten Island - May 11, 2008

Shul Pictures

Some pictures of Young Israel of Staten Island.


Pictures of our newly renovated mikvah.